Story-telling is the most powerful method of human communication.


TV Advertising in Africa

  • One of TV’s greatest strength is its ability to demonstrate.
  • Sometimes a viewer needs to see a product in action in order to understand its benefits fully. 
  • It is the power of the moving image accompanied by sound that makes TV advertising so powerful. 
  • Over the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of households in Africa that have a television set.
  • According to a recent Global Information Inc. report, digital TV penetration SSA will jump to 95.5% by 2018 with household numbers quadrupling to 49 million.

TV & Multi-Channel Media Mix

  • People have very busy lives and access information and content through multiple devices throughout the world.
  • At Marnox Media, we don't expect TV to be the only medium you use, but all global research suggests that putting TV at the heart of an integrated campaign will make every other medium work better.
  • Story-telling is the most powerful method of human communication; it's just as true for brands/advertisers as it is for religion or education.
  • TV campaigns can establish a narrative,  create brand awareness and reach a much larger audience in a short space of time.
  • A combination of strategic media planning, fresh creative and product enhancements can help brands create long-lasting brand engagements with consumers throughout Africa.